We all know what happens to our heart when we hear the word “Mother”, “Mom”, “Maa” etc. It starts beating really fast out of love for this special and powerful human being on earth. Mothers are the greatest creation of Gods. Even gods didn’t realize that they had created the ultimate force behind all emotions cause no one knows what goes on in a Mother’s heart.

If there is a heart more powerful on this earth, it is the Mother’s heart because it absorbs everything and still has the ability to forgive any damage caused to it.

defdb33fecd15c0fce17d0bb99ae646bThe Mother’s heart is the strongest of all hearts, as I would like to say, the “Mother of all Hearts”. When gods created mothers, whatever ingredient they were supposed to give to the brain were instead given to the heart, because of which a mother thinks and loves from the heart. Whenever we are sad, in trouble or in any other condition, if there is anyone willing to listen to us, it’s our mother. She is a person who will take out time even from her busiest of schedules to be with us, to love us and listen to us. There is a very strange thing about Mothers, they do everything from the heart and even after that she always puts the need of the family before her own needs. She is always the one who puts a family together. And we may have grown up, but for her we will always remain the kid she gave birth to. We know better than others that when a woman gives birth and becomes a mother, the child becomes the one and only happiness she lives for. She does everything in her power and beyond to protect her “life” from any kind of danger. And not to mention, how the smallest of things becomes very big and large for her. And that’s one of the many reasons why we love our Mother even more. A Mother will keep loving and protecting it’s kid till the very end of time, even when that very kid has grown up and became successful in life. A Mother holds a very special place in our heart because she is the one who taught us how to love in the first place. A Mother’s life revolve around us and she will do everything in her power to keep that life from going away!

Now, Let me tell you about my Mother, she is the most beautiful woman I have seen till now. For me, she is everything and I will do everything she asks me to. She has that charm about her which melts the hardest of person. I am really glad that I am her son because I couldn’t have asked for a more awesome and perfect Mom in my life. Unlike others she isn’t so modern or anything, she is totally down to earth and will do anything to help someone in need of help. And this doesn’t disturbs me that my mom is not familiar with Facebook or Whats-App, she isn’t those types who goes to beauty parlours and all. She is the most simplest of woman that I know of. And because of all these, my respect and love for her increases even more. I am glad that my mom is like this else I wouldn’t have been able to value things in life.

098563d5736e0be55d54e1070347e3f7I still remember the scolding she had given me when I sat on top of a kid goat, thinking it to be a horse and had ride it. I was only 3 years then and the ride gave me several bruises and a bleeding eye as the goat, out of fear, threw me headlong into a rose bush. God, I still remember the adrenaline rush it had given me and the one hour of scolding after that. I didn’t cry as I bled but after the incident, Mom’s terrified look and the scolding gave me enough reason to pour my heart out. There were some times when I got angry with her, but I could never stay angry with her for long because even my heart knew, it loved her way too much to stay angry. If someone asked me to define her, I would say she is charming, humorous, really sensitive, very melodramatic and extremely beautiful. I am the happiest when I am around her. Although I may not share things with her, but whenever I am sad, I think about her and the things she used to tell me, it always makes me calm and become normal again. Oh and did I mention she is a great cook, I mean the dishes prepared by her are so damn delicious, you would lick your hands after finishing your food.

The greatest quality of a Mother is the ability to forgive. No matter how much their children may hurt them, they will always forgive and embrace them. It’s really sad to see today’s generation, now-a-days don’t care much about their parents even though it’s the parents because of whom they have a fancy cellphone, fancy clothes and fancy gadgets. Mothers will always be the one person who will never hurt us. We should not forget that where we have a comfort in the form of a Mother, Mothers don’t have such privileges and always look toward us as we are the only comfort available to her. We should respect her and give her the same comfort that she has been giving us for so many years. We should acknowledge the fact that when a woman becomes a Mother, she has to let go of several of her things she holds dear. So that she can give total attention to the new life she holds in her hands, which becomes her foremost happiness and priority after giving birth.

imagesA Father will always be there to give advice, but it’s the Mother who will give us the love we need. Mothers are the most emotional creatures on this earth, as anything and everything gives them a reason to release the tears: From our birth, to our first walk. From our first day at school, to our recital at the annual function. From our graduation, to our first job. From our promotion, to our marriage. Everything becomes a priceless moment for her as she realizes that her child whom she held in her hands that day, has grown up in no time, specially when she has a daughter. So, it’s our duty and love towards her that we should give her just a little of our time to her as I know she won’t ask for more.

Love you Mom. You gave love, gave hope an’ gave happiness which was more than ever asked for. Really love you a lot…