We all are familiar with Emotions. Emotions are intense feelings that we feel towards something or someone. Emotions can range from Anger to Love,  Happiness to Melancholy, Loneliness to Despair and many more. All people feel these emotions, even those who say they are emotionless because no one is devoid of emotions. Emotions make us what we are: Humans. Now, the question remains is what to do when we feel it ?

The answer lies in the very aspect of it: Just feel and go with it.


There are people who close themselves up and avoid showing emotions, they are bloody fools. Emotion demands to be felt, keeping it locked up doesn’t help at all, you become more miserable. A true example to these types would be men, us. We all play out to be macho and all but in reality, we are the most emotional persons in the planet (I know we are). Men hide their feelings because of which they are often come across as ice cold, which isn’t true at all, it’s just a basic stereotype thing. It makes me wonder why we do that, and it’s surprising enough that no one has stepped up to alter this vision of men. If you ask me, men can show emotions to the highest of levels because it’s men only who have written all those emotional songs about heartbreak and break-ups (no offence to any women out there). Men can become the cheesiest of the cheesiest as well as the romantic of the romantics when it comes to showing love, the king of all emotions. It is often said that Boys/Men shouldn’t cry, I want to ask why ? I mean aren’t we human enough ? Or is there something wrong with us crying ? And because of this, because of keeping their emotions inside, men become the savages we see today. If only we were told to respect our emotions, then maybe men wouldn’t be what they are accused of being in recent times. We keep hiding our emotions and when all these emotions piled up reach a limit, it leads to destruction and damages (not only physically). Men tend to show their emotions at the wrong place in the wrong time, and end up being more miserable. Wake up guys, there is still time, you can continue being like this or you can be the change (I know, it’s damn philosophical and too slogany!)


Women, the master of emotions, unlike men show what they feel and because of this very quality, I respect them the most. They don’t keep emotions to themselves and rot from the inside, instead they let emotions take control of them and go with the flow. But, it doesn’t mean that you should kill your common sense and do what the emotions say. Women, because of this quality, are considered weak. I beg to differ as I think they are far superior than men in every aspect and showing emotions is just one of them. Women simply show what they feel and eventually get what they want, this makes them smarter than men and proves my point. And because of these emotions, women become the best of friend when you need someone to cry with, someone to understand what you are feeling (Men suck at these, I am a trademark of it). Women are good listeners (some are exceptions, mind it, just a few) and will always be there when you need them the most. Women are gentle, caring, strong and very emotional. Men look for these qualities only when they decide to fall in love. They don’t realize that the very people whom they call weak become the most special person in their life. Men are stupid and confused because they mock these very qualities and at the same time, look for these in a woman!

What people don’t understand is that Emotions are the bridge that gets us closer to one another. Emotions doesn’t make us weak, it just makes us stronger especially when we show it. When I say “Show it”, I mean in a respectable way keeping in mind the place, the time and the people. You can’t just decide to tell your feelings to your lover when he/she is engaged or going to be married. At that moment, you have to face the facts that you just lost the chance and except moving on, there is no other way of dealing with it. If you still decide to go with your emotions at that point, then remember that it will only bring misery, despair and hatred because at the end of the day, you won’t be anymore happy than you were before as guilt kicks in. So, instead of just accusing your emotions, take charge yourself and start respecting it, being in control of yourself while you devise plans to execute it because emotions can make you happy as much as you want and at the same time, can completely ruin you messing up your mind! Blaming it won’t help at all because Emotions make us who we are, not what we choose to become.