I often wonder what magic does “Music” possess that makes our ears orgasmic and flutter in delight. Music has always been that companion that we run to after we had a bad day or a heartbreak or anything which soothes us with it’s healing touch and applies a kind of antibiotic to our mental wounds. Whenever we are happy, sad or emotional, music helps us to understand those feelings better than anything in the world.


Music was a kind of discovery which proved to be very successful and addictive because I know there is no one on this earth who doesn’t like music. An’ with Music spreading it’s wings in every direction possible, it made us capable of connecting to people like no other discovery ever did. Since it’s discovery,Music is the very drug which makes us, addicts, craving for more, not getting enough of it. And unlike other “drugs”, this is the most healthy drug that we can get addicted to, because it calms us down and heals us up.

Music helped us express our feelings where words failed and when we thought there was no other way of displaying our emotions. Music and it’s different forms like Pop, Rock, Electro, Classical, Instrumental, Alternative, Soul, R&B and so on appealed to people who had different tastes in music and catered to every taste of them. Music has that kind of power which can make the most depressed person fill with life and enthusiasm. Since Musicians are humans like us, it makes the music feel more closer to us. And the lyrics that these musicians create feels like they were there when we were having our breakdown or when we were having the time of our lives, it felt the lyrics were “ready-made” for us.

Remember that time when you got dumped for the first time and you listened to “If You Come Back” by “Blue” (at-least I did), it soothed you, didn’t it ? Or when you proposed to a girl and she just rejected you saying that you are just a friend, that she never thought of you in that way and you end up listening to “Why Not Me” by “Enrique Iglesius”. Yes, that’s the power, music has over us. I guarantee you if there was no music, this world that we live in, would have become a wasteland by now. Music not only soothes you, it gives you a sense of perception and a new way to look at life, remember “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” from “The Wizard of Oz”. Music gives you hope when you lose all hope, gives you faith when you lose yours, gives you love when you don’t have any, gives you peace when you want it and the most important of all, helps you take a much wiser decision when you are in a tough spot. Music is that medicine we take, when our heart bleeds. Music can be considered the bestest of friend when it comes to love because music makes us more cheesy and more romantic, specially when we are in love for the first time. Music makes that feeling more alive. As an example, I would like to tell you about a guy, he was a rock fan and used to listen to Slipknot, Metallica, Children of Bodom, Godsmack, Green Day, Linkin Park etc. But when he fell in love and the girl said Yes to him. He became a totally changed person. He started listening to Blue, Backstreet Boys, Simple Plan, Avril Lavigne, Westlife, Boyzone and others. I still remember the day she said Yes, he played Backstreet Boys songs
back-to-back in his room in full volume, specially “I Promise You (With Everything I Have)” all-day-long! Yes, Music has this kind of power. Even now when I am writing this piece, I am listening to music while I write, and currently it’s playing “You And Me Together” by “Hannah Montana” (ahh, good old days, when Miley was still lovable). And this is “Music… To my Ears”