Polygamy or Monogamy: The world has changed. But gaining more speed with the back gear. We place the new things in front but with the backbone of past. So less we started, So far have we gone.

Is it?

Somewhere I came across the word ‘Polygamy’. So is the next phase of gay marriage will be Polygamy? I think there can be a moot over the issue, for the world will draw instances from the past. What is Polygamy then?

In simple terms, it means to have more than one wife or husband.

Polygamy or Monogamy

Yes, the word exactly holds the same meaning. If we try to google, we could find instances of people having more partners. When I did, I came to know about a man having 39 wives and children even more than that. What was surprising is that that they all live in harmony, giving no roots to any misunderstandings among them.

People draw instances from history to validate their reason even if the base can’t be concrete at times. Let’s take a second to examine the reasons they connect to ensure the approval. Ancient era has seen men to marry more women, having sons an’ daughter with them and it needs not any approval from others. The great god Krishna had sixteen thousand wives. Arjun, the great warrior, too had wives more than one. Kings were allowed to have more queens. So, does this encourage men to change their thought an’ giving place in their heart for another person? I feel not to because dividing the heart to pieces for offering to second partner would yield no proper love. Well, even if you could find a balance between the two, then how would you plan to offer an error free example to your generation for they follow what they see around them. I mean to say that the little ones would try to replicate what they will see and in the process they might not find the proper balance. Amazingly not a proper example to say at least but the reason they would associate to find other women for them might create a mess: perhaps it could turn to chaos.

Polygamy or Monogamy

I know that the world is evolving every second. Gay an’ lesbian love is finding its root among people. What was impossible earlier is now possible an’ I don’t bear the heart to make a rude comment on it. I believe that it is more important to find someone who understands you rather than following the customs because love cares not for the gender.

At times, I feel that is it good to forget our culture and custom?

I tried to reason for both an’ found myself on a scale where I couldn’t give measures to anyone. Doesn’t it bother you to care for your parent’s approval an’ thought and what they planned for you? As we are supposed to follow the rules that were made, which looks normal and appropriate if we consider the traditional an’ natural process, I wish the same to be followed.

It’s hard to give preference to any. This is one area where it’s difficult to judge people who tried to follow a distinct path and for them who followed the traditional way. I feel that it would be better to leave this to the perspective an’ understanding of individuals.  Both the above have drawbacks as well as advantages with 50-50 chance of success.

 I can only say, “Follow your heart but take your brain with it”.