Ever been in a situation where you couldn’t find a charge/plug point for your cell or laptop, as it gradually died?

Yes, that’s how helpless technology have made us. I am not against it or anything, if you are wondering because as I write this, I am using my laptop an’ without it, I would be as hollow as an empty glass. I am just pointing it to our situation now-a-days.


Technology was born when Edison discovered Electricity, and till now it has completely engulfed us as it became quite mature and amazing. During those days, people used to be happy with nature and it’s various entities. People used lanterns to keep themselves in light and used wind as a supplement to comfort during summer. With the advent of electricity, people experienced luxury first hand when they realized, they can have light and wind whenever they wanted with a little help of a fan as well as a tube-light, and there was no looking back after this. Now, after 100 years, technology have taken over our lives and are running us, not the other way around. We have become so dependent on technologies such as a Mobile and a Computer, that we can’t imagine life without them.

Yes, they help us stay connected to dear and loved ones living far off, that was the whole point of it: making our lives easier but doesn’t it seem like we are becoming, as I would like to put, slaves to it, just saying (no offence to anyone in particular) ? I mean during our days (particularly mine), we used to get out of our house, get dirty, get scrapes and scratches all over our body after a day of playing football and cricket. There would be fights among us, and someone or the other would get hurt but that was the fun about it as I think life was never meant to be spoon fed. Now, there are scrapes and scratches, but only in the virtual world as children now-a-days just involve themselves into hours and hours of multiplayer games. I am not saying it’s wrong because I am a gamer myself but there should be a limit to it, and children should give their time more into exploring (by that I don’t mean, in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim!). As technology advances, people will become more busy into their phones gradually, as they start sacrificing themselves to this God. There will come a time when there won’t be anyone to talk to, except through texts or calls.


I will give you an example of my class or of any place in particular where you will see these beings: I call them “The Mobiladrones” (just because they are always into their phone, even the teachers!). As soon as you enter my class, you will see a glimpse of their phones first and each and everyone will be busy in it, some (very few) maybe exceptions. Instead of books or notebooks, you will see their mobiles on their desk and even during lectures, you will see them fiddling with it. The phones are their world now and they revolve around it. Mobiladrones can be found anywhere and everywhere: coffee shops, malls, cinemas, even washrooms and many more places which are yet to be explored by me. [Side Note: I beg to argue that I am different because I still like face-to-face interactions rather than just calls and texts]. With mobile companies introducing features like “Blow to Unlock”, “Smart Scroll (You only have to move your eyes to scroll, my phone has it)”, “Air View (I still don’t know what function it plays on my phone)”, “Smart Stay”, “Smart Pause” and many more, there will be a time when even moving from the living phone to the
washroom will seem like a huge task (just saying, again). I have friends who, while eating, will text and thus, waste time with such delicious food around them. Like I said, I am not against it or anything because I belong to the same category as you all, I am just concerned what will happen in years before us. I always have a thought when I see people hiding behind their phones, busy with something or the other on it: when our generation have children, will they know games like “Hide and Seek”, “Thief”, and many more with which we shared such wonderful memories ? Or will they be subjected to the new technology already ?

Children, now, are always couped up in their homes and would hang out with their computers rather than the beautiful world that is outside. When I was a child, I was always fascinated with jungles and old or abandoned places as they used to give me the feeling of something ancient, something waiting to be discovered. So, whenever I would explore, I would search for things as if I was an archaeologist or something, but now, time has changed and with it, so have the children. Well, I am pretty old school, so I will try my best to attach my children to the games we used
to play in childhood. Technology is a God nevertheless, it has improved our lives by 200%, made us immune to the various deadly diseases, given us luxury in it’s purest form but at the same time, have made us lazy and dependent on it. We have become so used to it that, if there comes a time when technology dies (God hope not), we won’t be able to cope with it. We are humans, we need emotional and physical contact which distinguishes us from the machines, and that’s the specialty of us. Edison didn’t discover electricity to become completely dependent on it, he discovered it to
make our lives a little bit more easier. So, instead of using technology as something we can’t live without, we should use it in a healthier way: the way it was meant to be used when it was discovered.