Women, as we know her, are the very reason why men are kept in control. Man builds a house, Woman makes it a home.


It has always been the Women who suffer for the sins of a man, in spite of that they don’t hold a grudge and still love us from the bottom of their heart. This shows strength and forgiveness which a man would never understand or rather, won’t try to understand. Men have always been afraid of Women because even they knew that, a Woman have far greater strength than any of them put together.

This can be proven if we research 16th-19th Century, where men would dominate Women and won’t let them get literate as they knew, once a Woman gets educated, nothing would stop them from over-powering men and they were always afraid of that. I think if women were given the chance, this world would already become a better place but that doesn’t mean, the power should be given to anyone as not everyone thinks alike (just a thought). I respect every woman from the bottom of my heart because of the many sacrifices they have done and still have the strength to do some more. Women have the courage to do things which men would think twice before doing it, in a difficult situation. Men have always considered themselves superior than Women which is not true in the least because it’s the Women who “let” Men think like that and be happy with it. That’s power you can’t buy or overcome (wink!). Women are gentle, sweet, lovely, and beautiful but if provoked, they can be ruthless, vicious, ferocious and merciless. Women have always been thought of as weak and fragile creatures but I think that’s bullshit (not censoring) because they have a better understanding of everything around them, they can feel and understand things which men can’t and things which men can’t understand, they label it for their “own little satisfaction”. Men may not agree to this, but we think of Women at least 22 hours a day, may it be our mother, our sister, girlfriend, friend, fiance or wife, we think about them and if that’s not something to be admired, then I don’t know what is. Women are elegant, smart, successful and stubborn, once they put their mind on something, they won’t stop till they achieve it. Men always try to manipulate or control a Women, thinking they can get whatever they want from them, but they forget that Women invented manipulation and they already know what they are doing, but still keep quiet about it and go along with it, just because they care about them.

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Women can love better than anyone in this world, not even men can imagine the depth of a Woman’s heart. When a Woman falls in love, she gives her everything to the person she is in love with, hoping for only one thing in return: Love. Men take advantage of this quality, and eventually break their heart with lies and deceit (I am not talking about every men on this planet, though). Not all Men are bad, there are many out there who truly admires and respect a Women for who they are, but because of a few “Ass-Holes” (again not censoring) in this world, every man is blamed.

Men who give them the respect and love they want, are often the ones who truly receive the love they desire. If I had to make a point, I would say Women are better than men in every other way. They have the emotions which they don’t hide, they have an aura around them which attracts people, their nature makes them a favorite among everyone, not to say, their beauty astounds other men (wink) and last but not the least, they are very smart which makes the work come easy. Men always think of Women as objects rather than humans, because of which Women are raped, molested, assaulted and what not. If only, instead of living in isolation due to the wrongs of a man, they would come forward and point their finger at the perpetrator in the Court without being scared, then Men would know what’s it like to be afraid. Since, Women don’t complain, men gets more courage which makes them doth same wrongs to another woman/girl/even a child (Disgusting!!). Wake up, and start doing the right thing, it may save another Woman’s dignity and life. There are men who think that they were always supposed to be superior and Women inferior, but in truth, they themselves are becoming inferior to Women by stating such bullshits! When God made us, he made sure both of us were equal, but the men created a division and took away that was rightfully theirs. Now, in the 21st Century, men are realizing their mistake and changing things which should have been done years ago. If you ask me, I myself want a daughter because she will be grow up to be a wonderful Woman and always be the princess of my castle.


Men don’t want to say it but they need a Woman to organize their life, it’s as they say “Behind every successful man, there is a Woman”. Men are actually savages who don’t care about rules or tidiness (I am an exception, sadly!), but when a Woman enters their life, their life takes a drastic turn and they actually start caring about things. The truth is our life revolves around a Woman, who in turn, makes our life worthwhile and B-e-a-utiful. If there were no Women, there wouldn’t be songs about them, there wouldn’t be films about them, there wouldn’t be myths about them and lastly, there wouldn’t be a love worth celebrating. Women makes our life beautiful, makes us happy, makes sacrifices for our happiness, comes to our aide when we need someone the most, listen to us with rapt attention and becomes the Angel to pick us up when we are down. They are the most amazing gift, we will ever receive from God. Men always forget one essential thing before lashing out on a Woman, they forget that if there weren’t any Women, they wouldn’t even exist in this World!!!

This piece is dedicated to every Woman out there, every one of them. I want to thank my Friends, and specially my Mother who taught me what it is like, living a life of a Woman. Finally, I would like to apologize in advance, if I have offended anyone with this piece. I intend to present my thoughts. To all the Women out there, never think of yourself as inferior to anyone, because believe me when I say that there is more to you than meets the eye.