Here’s the detail about Top Earthquakes in India that hit the land and the people in different times.

Date: August 15, 1950

Considered as the deadliest earthquakes in India and sixth largest earthquake of the 20th century, it hit part of Assam and Tibet in 1950 which was the cause of widespread destruction and left people to feel chaos and disturbed their lives for a longer period, having its epicenter near Rima. Death toll rose to 1500, leaving people homeless. The largest known earthquake was caused by two continental plates colliding and not but oceanic subduction (the sideways and downward movement of the edge of a plate of the earth’s crust into the mantle beneath another plate).

Date: January 15, 1934

On the Army Day of India, the cities of Bihar were struck with earthquake measuring 8.0 on the Richter scale which was the reason of approx 6000-10000 casualties. Regarded as the worst quake in the Indian History, its epicenter was located in the regions of Nepal causing demolition to life and property. Cities that felt maximum tremors were Purnea, Munger, Muzaffarpur and Champaran, making Kolkata to feel the tremor as the waves reached in no time to such a greater extent.

Date: September 30, 1993

Maharashtra suffered earthquake on September 30, 1993, whose epicenter was at Killari village in Latur district. Two worst affected cities were none other than Osmanabad and Latur. The destruction was massive with over 52 villages completely flattened.

Date: Date: January 26, 2001

Top earthquakes in IndiaNo one would ever think that ere the celebration of Republic Day, one would feel tremors. Yes, on this day, people of Gujarat felt tremors that affected their lives which occurred at 8:40 am in the morning. It was measured 7.7 on the Richter scale and caused mass destruction ruining every houses around. The epicenter was located at 9 km south-southwest of the village of Chobari in Bhachau Taluka of Kutch District of Gujarat, India. Leaving approx 13,805–20,023 dead and thousands casualties, it made a darker and deeper impact on people of Gujarat.

Date: October 20, 1991

The tremors shook Uttarkashi, Chamoli and Tehri in Uttarakhand, causing extensive damage to life and property. The tremors of the quake were felt up to Delhi, the capital of India engraving fear among the people who survived the earthquake as approx 1000 people were affected by the tremors.