It is a frequently heard controversy, “I hear a lot of people talking, debating and fighting over it. Why do we need religion? It has created bias, boundaries, wars, victims- it stirred up many questions in the mind of people which remained unanswered till today”.

The basic idea of religion was to give individual, social and world peace, then why at all should we follow such a thing which nowadays does not fulfill its purpose. The world has seen enough of false prophets brutally utilizing the trusts of their followers. People have made religion their business, faith their investment, robbed trust off its virtue and with this attitude towards religion every morality collapsed and the world is overshadowed by gloom.


But in spite of all this, we observe in this world a “never say die attitude” towards spirituality. We see people relentlessly following certain sets of ideal no matter wherever they go whatever they do and in every corner of the world. Somehow their life stories have kept people’s faith alive. They have successfully re-instated faith and their mere presence has forced people to believe in the unseen intelligence that’s guiding the cosmos. Shivaji and Swami Vivekananda are some of the examples of the great men who made a difference with their acts. Their view point gives us a whole new different perspective from our stubborn and unchangeable version of religion. He was unshakably devoted to his Lord Sri Ram Krishna Thakur, and that was his religion his dharma. Swami Vivekananda was of the faith of “advaitavad” worship of the formless. He had his initial clash with Ram Krishna Thakur who was an idol worshiper of Goddess Kali. But later when their interaction grew deeper all he would preach and propagate in even foreign countries was the ideas of his Master Sri Rama Krishna. The contact and constant interchange of believes sculptured him as a strong individual and molded his previous knowledge of Veda and Vedanta into perfection. His famous quote- “Know it for certain that without steady devotion for the Guru and unflinching patience and perseverance, nothing is to be achieved” is a great lesson that everyone should learn from the example he set in his life.


Now lets take the example of the Maratha king Shivaji-success kissed his feet when he agreed to sacrifice everything for His Guru, His living guide Ramdasji. Shivaji offered his whole kingdom to his Guru Ramdasji without hesitation and went out with a begging bowl himself. This utter surrenderance has made him an exemplary devotee and even today the tales of his selflessness is told. Nothing was more important to him than the service of his master. So in the course of time Ramdasji himself asked him to rule the kingdom thinking it’s the kingdom of God. Following His orders he ruled the country like never before being a true regent of Almighty.

These great men showed us a way of life but unfortunately there is nobody to learn from them. We still see people getting frustrated of religion desperate to overcome boundaries and smudge all rules into nothingness where there is nothing but chaos and anarchy. But towards what end?? Will breaking rules, eradicating religion give us world peace?? It is impossible without people changing their own interpretation of religion. We need to know that none of the religion preaches war and unrest-it is we humans who prefer interpreting religion for our own comfort does create this nuisance. It’s not the fault of Lord Krishna and Lord Muhammad if Hindus and Muslims fight. It’s us who makes territory, marks their land and gives birth to disaster. Until and unless we find a living guide who is a seer himself it does not matter what religion or which prophet we follow- because I strongly believe “God is one, and dharma is one”. Religion is that which helps us survive and encourage healthy growth and development of our spirit. Whatever is causing pain to our conscience or harming others is not religion. Any Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist following this ideal is a religious man, if not than we should know its not religion that is to be blamed but it is us who always falls short of the intellect of understanding the planning of the divine intelligence.