Materialism Vs Spiritualism: Sometimes we are boastful of being staunch materialists. As a materialist we generally hate the spiritualists or idealists and think ourselves very much progressive. Thus we see a world wide discontent, controversy, conflicts or even wars over spiritualism and materialism, which is debasing humanity. The whole universe appears as void with specks of matter scattered here and there but it is one and unique in truest sense. There is no scope to compartmentalize it which we often do for easy understanding, such as, there is no demarcation in three states of matter, all being in dynamic equilibrium. Materialism Vs Spiritualism

Let us peep into the subject matter from modern scientific views. Matter is composed of atoms. Atoms are formed of subatomic particles. From the concept of high energy particle physics we have come to know that subatomic particles under high speed can be decomposed into hundreds of transitory subtle existences. Matter annihilation and pair production reveals another dimension of our existence. According to Einstein, void is not emptiness. Rather it is the pulsating source of all creation. Thus existence is nothing but interpenetrated multidimensional fields,- not one above the other but one inside the other -i.e, inwardness is the basic characteristic of depth, so, gross, subtle, more subtle energy state, void and super-void creates the whole spectrum of our existence. The substratum on which all the visible and invisible things are floating is Brahma and it is the Providence.

The Bhagavat Gita also proclaims-
“যত্ তদ্ ব্রহ্ম পরম্ সূক্ষ্মং
অশূন‍্য‍ং শূণ‍্য কল্পিতং ।”

Materialism Vs Spiritualism

From above discussion we can conclude that we can’t separate matter and spirit. The difference lies only on the degrees of vibration as vibration is treated as the basic of all creation. Out of an absolute quiescent state of existence desire generates vibration and drags it into grosser form through partial transformation of the existence. The advent of absolute into material form( Materialization of spirit) is devolution and reverse motion from gross to subtle (Spiritualization of matter) is evolution. The total cycle forms creation.

The ‘Puranas’ proclaim that “Brahma” is created from the navel of “Vishnu”. This is practically symbolic. The “Vishnu” represents absolute quiescent existence(super-void). “Navi” mean eddies and vorties produced by motion. Desire coarsens spirit which forms pallets of existence. These in turn under optimum speed descends to matter which then gradually produces this material display. Here is a quotation from the “Message by Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra: ” What comes down through material unison is matter, what respires to exist is spirit; I think everything comes down through material unison and respires to exist; so everything includes matter and spirit”- they are inseparable.

Besides “Bhaba” comes from “Bhu” which means to become, the urge of being and becoming resides in the core or heart of all matters. So, decoration of material display in accordance with the laws of spiritual kingdom with the help of a living realized man is known as Aryan culture- which is proper blending of materialism and spiritualism- the only path for survival of the whole world civilization. Contradictions, None!