Sonnet 53 by William Shakespeare

Sonnet 53 by William Shakespeare: It is quite true that the poet seems extra relaxed and [...]

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Three years she grew in sun and shower

Three years she grew in sun and shower: The poem speaks about Lucy. As a young [...]

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Sonnet 54 Edmund Spenser Summary

  Sonnet 54 Edmund Spenser Summary. The poem expresses the poet-persona's views as he swings between the [...]

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Sitakant Mahapatra is a major voice in modern Indian poetry. He is at his best while [...]

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The Sun Rising

The Sun Rising by John Donne: The sun has risen and the lover seems irritated by [...]

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How Soon Hath Time

How Soon Hath Time, an autobiographical poem by famous poet John Milton was written on 9th [...]

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The Squire

The Squire by Geoffrey Chaucer Summary: A young, lovely and lusty bachelor is accompanying his father [...]

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Porphyria’s Lover

In Porphyria’s Lover, Browning begins with describing the environment an’ surrounding. ”The rain set early in [...]

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Bhakti Movements

Bhakti Movements: Dharma is a path of being and becoming. Divorced from this path, it gets [...]

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Fruits of the Earth

Sumitranandan Pant “Aah Dharti Kitna Deti Hain”, a poem written by Sumitranandan Pant, has [...]

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