The Sun Rising by John Donne: The sun has risen and the lover seems irritated by its presence as its appearance is interfering in the poet’s privacy. The poem begins by making rude comments about the sun. It is regarded as old and fool, penetrating through windows and curtains an’ invades the speaker’s intimacy with his lover. He then questions the sun that does the lover’s season obey any rules or is bound to its motion? He is sure that the love doesn’t follow any rules or regulations and isn’t even bound to time and so he chides its appearance.

Busy old fool, unruly sun,
Why dost thou thus
Through windows, and through curtains call on us?

The Sun Rising By John DonneAnother insolent comment is used by the speaker, “Saucy pedantic wretch” and then he commands it to outside their room and to trouble late school boys an’ apprentices. The sun can find its purpose if he visits the country huntsmen by making them aware that their king will ride and to “Call country ants to harvest offices”. Love cannot be compared or even barred as it knows no season or climate, nor hours, days or months.

He again asks the sun that why does it think that its beams are strong and reverend as he could eclipse and cloud it in a second by closing his eyes but he wouldn’t be able to do so as he couldn’t bear to lose the sight of his lover for long. In the next line, he asks the sun to tell him the whereabouts of India’s spice and mine if he isn’t blindfolded by his lover’s eye. If the sun would ask the kings about his presence a day earlier, he would know that none cared for him and they spent their days in bed just like the speaker.

For the speaker, she’s like the world and he’s all princes and the rest lies with no meaning. Honor is like mimicry and all wealth like alchemy and Princes do nothing but mimics the speaker. The sun is partly happy as compared to the speaker an’ his lover as the bed is described as the world, making the sun’s job easier as if it can shine on the whole world only if he shines on their bed. “This bed thy center is, these walls, thy sphere” The walls of the room is considered as the sun’s sphere and bed as the center.