Advertising is a paid form of communication intended to display information about products and services. It is intended to acknowledge users about availability and new launch of the same. There are different forms of advertisements- be it newspaper ads, or radio or television. Internet advertising is also taking a bigger form with Direct Mail advertising or pop-up ads.

So, what are the forms of Advertising?

Television: The most popular in terms of it reach yet most expensive form of advertising is the advertisements displayed on the television known as commercials. It is the mixture of sound and images. Also commercial uses famous faces to attract more customers.  Advertiser purchases time slots in between the daily soaps and other productions or shows which cost differently. The cost is much at prime time and cheaper in the morning or afternoon.  During the last few years, we have seen a tremendous growth in TV ads because of its vast reach and impact on the people.


Newspaper & Magazines: Another way to attract people is through newspapers and magazines. Companies provide information about products and services only through image and textual data. Every newspaper publishes ads as it generates more revenue for the industry. There is a separate section for the classified ads in most newspaper.  Most of them only have a few lines and list homes, cars for sale, furniture or other things that private people want to sell or buy.


Radio: Some advertisers turn to radio in order to reach its listeners. As radio is one among the entertainment factor for village people, it is useful in persuading those people to make use of the products and services. In radio, they provide only popup ads (only in the sound version, may use voice of famous peoples like actor or actresses or other stars with some music or jingles which should be catchy) in between the shows.


Online Advertising: Now a day, Online Advertising is gaining more speed as the world has become online and every people invest more than few time online, also known as Internet Advertising or Marketing. Ads posting on website cause huge traffic to enlighten about a service or product or business. Banners, popup, Email advertising are the few which comes under this. Social Networking sites like Facebook and others have provided a best platform for the advertisers to attract its users.


Other forms include flyers or door hangers, or Event Sponsorship and also Word of Mouth Advertising. Also display ads are in use for the products and services like hoardings alongside the road. Public speaking is also a form but less influential compared to the above forms.

Celebrity Branding:

It is quite interesting that advertisers use celebrity icons in order to persuade people to use the product or service. In fact they had used the psychological factor to attract more and more. People tend to do what their icons do and in order to follow them, they will do exactly the same, and so, it has now become a tradition to link a celebrity with product.

Celebrities create brand awareness as they built it more quickly as compared to other traditional forms of advertising. Brand awareness measures the percentage of people who are familiar with a particular brand. It is useful in attracting those customers who have not tried the product earlier. People may have the attitude, “If the product is good enough for her, its good enough for me.” This philosophy is often the impetus behind advertisements for makeup, skin creams, hair products and attire. Consumers want the wavy hair of a local celebrity, for example. Hence, they purchase the brand that the celebrity uses to achieve.

amitabh-bachchan-maggi356567Actor/ Celebrity Mr. Amitabh Bachhan used to advertise for the famous product Maggi.  Mrs. Aishwarya Rai Bachhan promoted Loreal. Name a product and you can easily surmise a celebrity linked with it as chances escalate with the use of same. In case there are very very few products which has not used an icon. The use of celebrities provides opportunities to heighten the appeal of an advertisement. When celebrities endorse a product, they associate their own personal traits and values with that product.

ea9d46323473d7713eb19a495fe956c4The reasons why celebrities are linked with products is: People think that they can intimate the charm held by their icons if they use the same product. They will look attractive and can increase it more if they try the same.

Desired results can be gained by the advertisers by using the perfect face for the product. As for example, it would be best to use a female celebrity for a house hold product or a male face for products like shaving cream or men grooming materials. Celebrity credibility and celebrity performance should be looked well before linking them with the product.