The process of gathering news and information, creating reports of the events happening around and dissemination of the same, keeping in mind the interests of public and their opinions is known as Journalism. The mediums used for dissemination of news and information are Television (news channels like NDTV, Aajtak), Newspapers (Times of India, The Hindu), Magazines (India Today), Radio, Flyers, Banners and much.

Types of Journalism

Community Journalism:

Community Journalism, the local oriented form of Journalism, intends to gather news that happens within a community (a disc_broadcast_journalismsmall society with certain number of people being a part of that). Let’s take an example to understand the concept better.

Suppose you’re in a college and the college publishes journals and magazines and does also have a college radio. All the information that are broadcasted on the radio or gets published should be related to the college in some or the other way-either it’s about the upcoming fest or interview about the guest lecturers.

Journalists who work for the community journalism are trained professionals and now more professional newspapers or channels are focusing on this kind. Leo Lerner, founder of Chicago’s erstwhile Lerner Newspapers, used to say, “A fistfight on Clark Street is more important to our readers than a war in Europe.”


Sports Journalism:

Reporting every slight and major event of sports comes under sports journalism. None newspapers or channels could survive if they neglect this part as every newspapers have a separate section or column to report about the same. The events also make the front page in times, as for instance, during FIFA or ICC Cricket World Cup, they reports about the matches on the first page.

Some magazines are entirely devoted for writing about sports like Sporting News, Sports Illustrated, and Sports Weekly. But it requires great skills and talent to write about it. Since you will be destined to write about sports, you must know rules, regulations of every game. The sports journalism doesn’t only focuses on games but also on every aspects related to the sports like if the star is going to marry or the comments they make on the strategies about their games or post-match conferences etc etc.


Investigative Journalism:

Another form of this is known as Investigative Journalism which aims to investigate deeply about stuffs to carve out the deepest secret about scandals. They research with minimal primary information and then take lead in the story. Most investigative journalism is conducted by newspapers, wire services, and freelance journalists. Even channels like NDTV investigates political scandals. The Indian Express is known as the Investigative Journalism newspaper. An important tool for the journalists in India is the Right To Information (RTI) where they can take out information, public records from the government by just paying a minimal amount.

Let’s take an example. During the Jessica Murder Case that happened in Delhi on 30th April 1999, media reporters helped much. The Supreme Court when upheld the life term for Manu Sharma who was convicted for the murder, it became a cause célèbre for almost every private channels.

Yellow Journalism:

In yellow Journalism, there is no perfect, well written or researched news, but use of more images and catchy headlines, bold comments to attract more customers. Yellow Journalism was a term used to describe a particular style of reckless and provocative newspapers that became prominent in the late 1800s.

Photo Journalism:

Another form of the same can be photojournalism. The name itself suggests the meaning: the images that are used to give a nice and catchy view to the report. Pictures tell a story itself if use perfectly with a sequence. Now a day, every newspaper uses images for their stories and they have professionals for this service. Sometimes when they don’t have perfect photos for the stories, they design imaginary pictures.

Fashion Journalism:

Fashion journalism is a term applied broadly to media that covers the world of hi fashion, fashion, lifestyle, etc. It includes fashion writers, critics and reporters. Such jobs are found primarily at magazines, but some newspapers, television stations and websites also cover Fashion. Fashion journalists may write or edit articles, produce a broadcast piece or help to formulate and style a fashion shoot. It’s crucial for a fashion journalist to have good contacts with people in the fashion industry, including agents, photographers, designers and publicists. Fashion journalism is essentially anything and everything that is written about fashion – from online blogs to the latest catwalk reports in Vogue. As such, the work of a fashion journalist includes a wide range of activities from writing and editing stories, to styling photo shoots and researching the next big trend.