1. The First Bank of India
    Answer: Bank of Hindustan which came into existence in 1770.

  2. The First Test Tube Baby of India
    Answer: Indira ( Baby Name: Harsha)

  3. The First General Post Office of India
    Answer: It was setup in Madras (Chennai) in 1786

  4. The First Plane that was hijacked of India
    Answer: Fokker Friendship Plane in 1971

  5. The First Fighter Jet of India
    Answer: NET

  6. The First Battle Tank of India
    Answer: ARJUN 

  7. The First Satellite of India sent into space
    Answer: Aryabhatta

  8. The First Indian State to implement Panchayat Raj System
    Answer: Rajasthan

  9. The First Telephone Line Introduced in India
    Answer: It was setup in 1851.